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Caden’s Foundation of Hope was founded in 2013.

This initiative came about after one of our Directors, Juanita Steenveld, was faced with several challenges through her son, Caden.

Caden was diagnosed with low muscle tone at 6 months and eventually Autism traits with Global Developmental Delay after exhausting tests overapproximately 3 years. She was advised that there was not much hope for Caden, to walk, speak, interact with people, etc; simple day-to-day activities that come naturally to many kids at crèche level. Her perseverance and challenges faced by her and the rest of the family drove her to make a difference in Caden’s life and help him reach his milestones, which she was advised many times would be hard and at times impossible.

In November 2015, Red Cross Hospital confirmed Caden to have a rare genetic disorder, Coffin-Lowry Syndrome. 1 in 100 000 & 3rd reported/known case at the time in South Africa.

As a family they were determined to get Caden whatever he needed and through fundraising on a small scale found that she and the family were able to not only assist Caden, but a few other special children in need.

During their journey thus far it became apparent that there is a lack Special Needs facilities catering for the specific needs of children living with Autism and Global Developmental Delay. In January 2015, three sets of parents who have children with special needs, together with the SNAP program and the Caden Foundation of Hope, opened SNAP South school to 6 learners, 1 teacher and 1 teachers assistant. Today the school employs 5 teachers, educating 11 children.  October 2017 and they are moving to new, bigger premises with a new student joing. By 2018, a further 4 will be joining the school.

Caden’s Foundation of Hope is here to bridge the gap and help our Special Needs Community, through our short term, medium term and long goals.

Read Caden’s My Story to see part of the journey he has been on.

Our Goals

Short Term:

To help special needs kids and their parents with immediate short term financial relief and support for the family.

Medium Term:

To raise awareness to the plight of special needs kids and families living with Autism and Global Developmental Delay.

Long Term:

To have a facility/centre for special needs kids that is sustainable and provides for their daily needs and will offer support for parents and families.

How far we’ve come

Our Short and Medium Term Goals we are achieving and continue to do so thanks to the many who support us. Our Long term Goal, we are proud to say is in the process of becoming a reality as we launch our bigger school on our new premises. Thanks to the amazing growth we’ve seen, we had a waiting list of children to attend our little school. With much support, hardwork and effort, we are launching our new school where we will be able to accomodate more children. It has been and continues to be an honor and a privilege to provide a stimulating and safe environment for the children to grow and find their potential realised. The growth of the children is testimony to the love and care our amazing staff provide.

The amazing milestones we and the children have reached, is testimony to what is possible when we care enough to make a positive difference. We thank those who have and continue to support us to make all that we achieve, possible.

We urge you to join us on our journey, and make a difference in a childs’ life. Sponsor, Partner or Donate



My Teacher at school teaching me to climb and navigate the fireman’s pole on the jungle gym. Lots of concentration😏. Thanks Teacher J

On the last day of 2016, Mom said I taught her to let go, trust and have faith. Invited to a party at Acrobranch, Mom & Dad were a little nervous, but they allowed me take the challenge. Walking the tight rope, zip lining … I had fun. #believe #hope #faith for 2017.

Autism Month : Respect the Uniqueness…
#Memories Each child with autism is different. There are similarities. So I ask that you respect that I have challenges, respect that I understand and see things differently. Mom says I have a few unique qualities but what stands out for her is that it took me 4 years to learn to go the toilet daytime only. My other is that besides my autism traits I have a rare genetic disorder …. Coffin-Lowry Syndrome.
So I ask that you respect the Uniqueness of those around you …

Autism Month : Imagine the possibilities…
#Memories …. it was hard for mom and dad to initially get to grips that my life would be so different. While other families were out enjoying Saturday family time and Sunday special times, we were at therapy sessions with follow through sessions at home at every moment possible. We mainly visited family rather than friends in case I had an outburst. New environments, crowds, loud noises and lights were my main triggers. For months and every day mom would take me to our closest shopping area to teach me to manage these triggers … hard but mom could imagine the possibilities through perseverance. No matter how hard … keep going

Today is my bi-annual check-up at Red Cross but also extra special as we will be handing out 150 sandwiches, water and apples to the children attending the clinic today. Many come from up country and sit and wait and end up hungry. Making a difference where we can.

My smile says it all …. Grade 1 here I come …. pushing the bar for 2016

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