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The School

SNAP South

In 2014 the need for a school was identified for children on the SNAP Program who had made sufficient progress to work in a group environment and follow the National Curriculum (CAPS, since 2012) but who would not fit into the schools in the southern suburbs. The parents were anxious about their children and where they would attend school. Some of the parents had been turned away from several schools because of their children’s developmental delays or their behaviour. The parents of two of the children living in the southern suburbs began talking about starting a SNAP School based on the model of SNAP Academy in Durbanville – just for their children. SNAP Academy, now 7 years old, caters for around 70 children from Grade 00 – 5. The talks grew into a dream. SNAP Education welcomed the idea. Other parents heard about it and shared in the dream and so the SNAP South School was born. A Primary School class catering for the special educational needs of learners with Autism and/or Specific Learning Disabilities/Challenges was opened in a private residence in Moorland Crescent in Tokai on the 21 January 2015. Six learners whose parents had struggled to find a school for their children were welcomed into the new school.

A Typical SNAP Class & School:

In our classroom there is a teacher and a class assistant and a maximum of 8 learners. This makes it possible to focus on the needs of each child. We make use of a variety of teaching methods specifically aimed to benefit the child. We also use different visual teaching methods, aimed at teaching the child to master abstract thinking.

The school has a passionate body of parents who are determined to grow the school to ensure the best education for their children. They have witnessed what the SNAP model is doing for their child. Parents report that their children are happy and each of them has grown in confidence.

This school is not just the result of a dream of some parents but rather a vehicle for their children to pass through childhood to being acknowledged and contributing members of society.

About SNAP Education


The Special Needs Adapted Program (SNAP) was developed due to the demand in the Cape Town area for specialized services with children who require exceptional care and teaching with regards to their development and learning. As the waiting list for the children to be assessed and enrolled at the schools for learners with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and learners with special needs grew, the necessity for early intervention became evident.
Annalies van Rijswijk, an experienced senior teacher as well as the leading teacher of the junior section at the Vera School for learners with ASD, was requested to develop a home program for children on the waiting list. She was also responsible for administering and monitoring this program, as she is a firm believer in early intervention for a better prognosis.
The program was aimed at enabling children to progress while still being on the waiting list and, simultaneously, providing the support parents so desperately needed.
The parents were encouraged to become involved as partners as well:
• They were taught the intervention techniques
• They participated in the planning of the program
• They felt they were doing something positive for their child
• Their involvement resulted in insight and understanding of the ASD syndrome and their child.
At the same time the need for an intensive and personalized one-on-one approach with more immediate results arose, due to the fact that the pupil-teacher ratio in the classes at the specialized schools increased.
Annalies founded the SNAP Program in 1998. SNAP quickly grew into a large base of home programs, (catering to families world-wide), as well as a Centre which provides one-on-one therapy, social skills learning, (in the form of High 5 groups), a school, aftercare class, support groups for parents, and specialized training for tutors, facilitators, teachers and professionals. SNAP Education has developed a successful model and many children have come through the SNAP system. Some have been successfully phased into grades in local schools.


Our New School Premises!

Our New School Premises!

Today was the start of FRUITY FRIDAYS at school … promoting healthier eating 🍇🍌🍉🍎🍋🍏🍊 … Learning through touching, smelling and tasting … yum-yum

When teacher told me we were working with nuts and bolts yesterday to help with fine motor skills … I was over the moon. They are my favorite!!! Look at that concentration!!!😁🚐 #littlemechanic #loveworkingoncars

Staff from Santam, spending their 67 minutes at our school, SNAP South today.

Staff from Santam, spending their 67 minutes at our school, SNAP South today.

I enjoyed our school outing today. Our transporter, Athol from Style Travel. The ‘bus’ ride was soooo much FUN🚐. Because of recent drop seizures, I now wear a rugby cap for extra protection, but as you can see from the pics, I still enjoy life to the fullest 😊 #happyboy

School Days Fun

My rock climbing competition went well today. As I finished each climb and got my medal, mom was right there for me. I looked at her and she at me and we had so much pride for each other. We did this together with my Pa shouting for me as well.

I got silver in the Special Needs category. Thank you to Delaney and Tamryn from City Rock for their dedication.

2015 Inter-Schools Climbing Competition

Today was occupational dress up day at school … learning about different types of jobs … I was Caden, the MECHANIC …. fixing the car🔩🔧

So many highlights at school this week. Playball … swimming …. but I really enjoyed the marble rolling art. This was soooo much fun. My Uncle DD even asked my Teacher J if he could visit so that he could learn to do marble rolling art

A very big thank you to Read to Rise who visited my school today. Taryn, a very nice lady read the story of Oaky in Sun to us. She also drew the pictures in the book and we ALL got a copy to take home. She and another nice man, Roscoe, gave us a mini-library for our school. So many nice books for us to read. THANK YOU AGAIN …
Read to Rise … Just awesome!

So yesterday at school I decided to get rid of Monday Blues and forced Teacher J to have a tea party with me and my fellow learner.

Schol painting fun!

So my first day went off well. I made new friends. Never cried … But mom looked a bit sad when she had to leave. I felt right at home …. Thank you to everyone for your support on my journey and for helping to get me to this point but also for being part of starting a school for 6 special children. My Foundation will continue to help more special children who need help.

My smile says it all …. Grade 1 here I come …. pushing the bar for 2016